Cardiff recently saw the European Championship Final played in our Millennium Stadium – the biggest sporting event in the world this year in the smallest city ever to have hosted it.  It was pronounced a huge success – but it came at a cost.


Bute Park is the biggest open space in the city – gifted to the city by the Marquess of Bute, who became one of the wealthiest men on the planet through mining and steel.  In a real sense, this park was built on the labour of countless thousands of working men.  And the championships meant it was effectively closed off to the people of the city and incurred damage that will take months – possibly years – to repair.  At a time when many local business are arguing that they were locked out of the benefits that this event was supposed to bring to the city, was this a price worth paying?  Is the effective privatisation of our public spaces a price worth paying for the prestige and for the profits of those who flew to Cardiff for a weekend?

This series of images illustrates the impact on Bute Park and seeks to ask those questions.